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Mr Smith’s favourite dictionary

This is my favourite dictionary. (Click Here)

It helps you to learn about

1. useful maths words

2. polygons and tessellation

3. revision topics for exams

Add comments about what you have learnt

Good luck, Mr Smith

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The Spectacular Stonehenge!

This week in English, we have looked at Stonehenge….”one of the wonders of the world and the best-known prehistoric monument in Europe”.
How do you think the huge, strong stones got there? Think imaginatively Base 3!

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The Stone Age

The stone age is a period in history that came before the Bronze age and the Iron age

This blog gives you the chance to type in some of the things you have found out (in the comments section below)

If you like blogging you will be given your own user name and password so that you do lots more blogging during the rest of the year.

There are 3 rules:
1. Be polite and respectful of others when writing on a blog
2. Don’t give away all your personal details on a blog
3. Don’t just copy and paste from website. Put things in your own words using sentences and punctuation

Here are some questions about the stone age to get you started

1. Was it called the stone age because people collected different types of stones to swap at parties?
2. Were stone age people only interested in food and shelter?
3. Did some stone age people have farms?
4. How do we know lots about the stone age?
5. What is Stonehenge?

Here is a video to help you

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Tree Height Measuring

We have been doing an investigation into trees at Randlay. How many different types do you think we found? A measurement of how tall they all are was taken too… How do you think we did that? (No we didn’t climb them!) Read on for our findings…

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The ‘Lucky Penny’ author visits Base 3 and is reported on the FRONT PAGE of the Shropshire Star! What did you think?

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London Can Take It!… and other GPO films (A guest post by Mr. Sallows-Rigby)

Hello, Base 3

Mr. Sallows-Rigby here with a guest post on your blog regarding WW2. I’ve noticed you are doing work on WW2 itself and the blitz/bombings that our country suffered during the war.

I would like to share a couple of videos with you which you may find useful or interesting in your work, or merely to watch in your spare time as research or a historical artefact.

What some of you may not know about are the public service films that we created during the war as a means of highlighting the issues at hand and to keep the spirits of the British people high. They are a type of film called propaganda. Propaganda films were designed to show only one side of an argument, often to influence people or make them believe a certain thing

Many of these films were created by the GPO (General Post Office) and screened in cinemas and occasionally on the TV. These films though can now be viewed for free online across youtube and

I urge you to check them out, they are highly interesting and utterly fascinating. I have included a couple here to get you started. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

London Can Take It is about the bombings overnight and the effects it had on our nations capital.

Listen to Britain is about how the British public (i.e you and me) carried on and showed tremendous spirit in sticking together and getting through the bombings however we could

Britain at Bay was designed to boost morale (happiness) and highlights how civilians helped by doing their bit during the war.

And last but not least, a band called Public Service Broadcasting make music using these films as inspirational and you can often hear parts of these films in their music, such as the case with Spitfire above.

I hope you enjoyed these movies and I look forward to reading your comments in the near future

– Mr. Sallows-Rigby



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The Dambusters

Base 3, to link in with our science inquiry on 30/01/14 I would like us to do some research on the Dambusters from WW2.

I would like you to use the following website for your research:

You need to find out as much information as possible to report back onto this blog and share with the rest of Base 3! Who were the Dambusters? What did they do exactly?

There is lots of information on this website but I would like you to focus on the Homepage and the Dam Raids page.

Happy Researching, from Miss Blyth.

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Super sentences

You can make your own stories even better by understanding more about adjectives (eg clever and happy) and nouns (eg egg, Telford and Peter)

Here are 2 ideas

1. 2 adjective rule:

Mr Twit was a dirty, horrible man with long, soggy spaghetti in his beard.

(This sentence has two adjectives (dirty and horrible) before the first noun (Mr Twit) and two adjectives (long and soggy) before the second noun (beard))

Here is another to help you. It was a sparse, dry desert with a calming, exotic oasis in the distance.

2. the 3_ed rule

Confused, shocked, scared, the children ran from the burning building!

(This sentence starts with 3 adjectives (confused, shocked and scared). These adjectives end in the letters ‘ed’. They describe emotions)

Here is another to help you. Excited, elated and thrilled, she won the dance competition.

Now it is your turn to create some super sentences.

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The NEW Telford Development

South Water Development: Key questions

1. How much has the new development cost?

2. Why do you think they have chosen this area to build this new development?

3. What kind of businesses are going to be established here? Give examples…

4. When is the development due to finish?

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Monkey adventures

The monkey wants you to plan a trip out of school.

  • Where will the monkey go (location)?
  • What will the monkey take?
  • Why will the monkey want to go there?
  • Who will the monkey meet?
  • What exciting things might happen?

Add your ideas to this blog using the correct punctuation.

Good luck


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