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Mr Smith’s favourite dictionary

This is my favourite dictionary. (Click Here)

It helps you to learn about

1. useful maths words

2. polygons and tessellation

3. revision topics for exams

Add comments about what you have learnt

Good luck, Mr Smith

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100 Word Challenge

This week’s challenge should be about 100 words long and must include the words

A Letter in a Bottle

Why not send some encouragement and hope to children in the Philippines so that they have the strength and courage to carry one.

The link will close onĀ Saturday 23rd November

You can read more about this special challenge here

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Snowy Maths

It has been an incredibly snowy time in Telford.

Here are some Maths puzzles based on the snow.

1. If 5mm of snow falls per hour and it snows continuously for 5 hours. How deep is the snow in cms.
2. If 4 inches of snow fall during the night ROUGHLY how many centimetres is this.
3. It normally takes Mr Jones 30 minutes to get out of his house, in to his car and to school. Due to the snow it takes 50% longer. How much extra time does this add to his journey time for a whole school week (IF it snows every day during this school week)

Design your own snow based question to add to the COMMENTS section of the blog.

Good luck

Best Wishes

Mr Smith

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Christmas maths problems

here is a website with some Christmas maths problems on

Good luck with them

Best wishes

Mr Smith

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Miss Harris’ Christmas

Miss Harris is very excited because she has received 16 Christmas presents.

She also has 25 decorations on her tree.

She is amazed because when she eats her Christmas lunch she has 49 sprouts on her plate and 9 carrots.

Why is Miss Harris amazed by all these numbers?

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Christmas word problems

Here are 2 word problems for you to try.

Mr Jones needs to decorate a Christmas tree in the school hall. He asks four teachers to go to four shops each. He asks them to buy four attractive decorations in each shop. How many decorations does Mr Jones have for the tree?

Miss Bugler is very excited because it is Christmas soon. She has 24 presents to give out to people. A quarter of them are for her family, 1/6 are for her neighbours and the rest are for her friends. How many presents has she bought for her friends?

We would like you to be creative and design your own word problem to add to the blog.

Happy Christmas to all our Blog readers.

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Fruit Fun

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If a shape is 3 dimensional like a cube, sphere, cuboid or pyramid then it is possible to calculate the VOLUME of this shape.

Calculate the volume of these 3 cuboids

1. Length 4cm, Widths 3cm and height 2cm
2. Length 5cm, Width 4cm and Height 5cm
3. Length 10cm, Width 10cm and Height 5cm

If a juice box has a volume of 1000cm cubed it means it holds 1000ml or 1 litre

Copy and paste this link and find out about volume in the dictionary

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A juicy problem

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