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London Can Take It!… and other GPO films (A guest post by Mr. Sallows-Rigby)

Hello, Base 3

Mr. Sallows-Rigby here with a guest post on your blog regarding WW2. I’ve noticed you are doing work on WW2 itself and the blitz/bombings that our country suffered during the war.

I would like to share a couple of videos with you which you may find useful or interesting in your work, or merely to watch in your spare time as research or a historical artefact.

What some of you may not know about are the public service films that we created during the war as a means of highlighting the issues at hand and to keep the spirits of the British people high. They are a type of film called propaganda. Propaganda films were designed to show only one side of an argument, often to influence people or make them believe a certain thing

Many of these films were created by the GPO (General Post Office) and screened in cinemas and occasionally on the TV. These films though can now be viewed for free online across youtube and

I urge you to check them out, they are highly interesting and utterly fascinating. I have included a couple here to get you started. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

London Can Take It is about the bombings overnight and the effects it had on our nations capital.

Listen to Britain is about how the British public (i.e you and me) carried on and showed tremendous spirit in sticking together and getting through the bombings however we could

Britain at Bay was designed to boost morale (happiness) and highlights how civilians helped by doing their bit during the war.

And last but not least, a band called Public Service Broadcasting make music using these films as inspirational and you can often hear parts of these films in their music, such as the case with Spitfire above.

I hope you enjoyed these movies and I look forward to reading your comments in the near future

– Mr. Sallows-Rigby



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100 Word Challenge

This week’s challenge should be about 100 words long and must include the words

A Letter in a Bottle

Why not send some encouragement and hope to children in the Philippines so that they have the strength and courage to carry one.

The link will close onĀ Saturday 23rd November

You can read more about this special challenge here

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Magnificent mega structures UK

Imagine a massive structure that you would have an amazing adventure in.

  • What would it look like?
  • Why would it be interesting to explore?
  • What would happen there?

You will need 3 parts to your adventure story or play (sometimes called scenes)

  1. a beginning and build up
  2. a problem/main part
  3. an ending/resolution

Add your ideas to the comments section of this blog.

(they will need to be checked by Mr Sturgess or Mr Smith before going online)

Please be careful about spelling and punctuation.

Good luck

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Winter Fun

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Winter Poem

When it is cold
In the winter
Never warm
The breeze spreads out
Eat hot food, dress up warm and drink hot chocolate
Roads are covered up with snow because it is WINTER

by Caitlyn Flint (base 4)

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