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sedar plate

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space rocket

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Lets Draw! – Random Shapes!

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Mr Smith’s favourite dictionary

This is my favourite dictionary. (Click Here)

It helps you to learn about

1. useful maths words

2. polygons and tessellation

3. revision topics for exams

Add comments about what you have learnt

Good luck, Mr Smith

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tessellating squares

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Using coding languages to draw shapes

Hello Mr Smith here.  Welcome back after half term.

I have been asked by lots of people how we can get programming languages such as Scratch or J2code to draw 2D and 3D shapes. Your school has a licence for J2easy software so that you can save and even publish your work for others to see.

You need to get used to using commands such as

  • pen down
  • pen up
  • move
  • turn
  •  and repeat

Here is a worksheet I have created to get you started. Try and use all the correct mathematical vocabulary at the top of the sheet. Click to view and download .

Add comments and ideas below.

Have creative fun.


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Scratchy Shapes

You can draw shapes easily using the FREE online coding language SCRATCH

Click here to load it in your browser. Note, SCRATCH uses Flash so it is fine for PC’s, macs and android tablets. However on an iPad you need to download a Free App.

Here is a simple program (list of instructions) for you to try out.

HexagonGood Luck, Mr Smith

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Coding with Year 1

Miss_Griffin2_Coding Yr1_coding

Year 1 have been designing 2d shapes using a free program called J2e Code.

Why not have a try at designing your own shapes by clicking here.

Add some comments to this blog post with your ideas about

1. Shapes

2. Programming and Coding


Mr Smith and Miss Griffin

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